Who We Are

Have you ever attempted to organize a small tour with your friends or coworkers? or, have you been in a tour organized by someone without proper experience and everything was a mess. As in, you are supposed to go for a tour to have fun, not figure out why the driver is late, or why the food is undercooked. Well, It’s bound to happen. At Kwanzaa Safaris, we focus on Corporate Tours and Family/Friends tours. We pride ourselves as one of the most loved tour organizers in Kenya with custom made products focused on our clients. We hand pick destinations and do vigorous field study so that we are not caught by surprise at any point. We have separated our selves from the competition by focusing on a group of people who know each other either professionally, as friends or family. Apart from that, we absolutely make our tours custom and to your budget. You choose everything from the transport you want, food, locations to visit, number of days e.t.c. If you are looking for mind-blowing and customer focused tour, just try us.


Helping Companies, Families and Friends travel smart and achieve more.


Be the Kenya’s most trusted and innovative travel management company.